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Over the years I worked with a lot of photographers, creatives, designers, clients...


Randomly I will add some of those inspiring, talented people.........

Call/mail me when you want to connect with them, or if I need to introduce you to some other great ones 


#Björn Tagemose

   Photographer /Cinematographer / Visual artist /

     5d director / showdesigner/ 

Bjorn is mainly active in the arts, rock and fashion industry and has extensive experience in shooting campaigns and directing commercials and films

Over the years we worked together many times.

Always with a great team, and a 300 % rock and roll energy

He has a great talent to bring the greatest creatives together depending on

the needs of a project , out of the box thinking

Check him out :


#Charlie De Keersmaecker



Charlie De Keersmaecker is a photographer, currently based in Antwerp.

He works for national and international magazines.

He is best known for fashion photography and portraits of musicians and artists.


The portrait photography of Charlie De Keersmaecker is realistic and uncomplicated. There is no fixed interpretation in the work, but there is a great analytical insight. The photos are cinematic. The photographed persons become a physical object.

We worked many times together , with Young Americans he exposed in the gallery

Check him out :


Photo : Willy Van Der Perre

#Wim Vanlessen

    Artist / Performer / Movement Director

When your client is a creative...


After an exceptional career of 25 years being at the top, as the Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet Flanders, Wim decided to say goodbye in 2019. 

I was honoured that Wim asked me to help him out with his book, a book that offers insight into the life and career of Wim

Together with a great team , we made  DANCER.

Paul Boudens Graphic design

Michael Gardner, Writer

Willy Van Der Perre, Photographer Cover

& Publisher Hannibal

And now...... A new career and a great added value for your photo, film  as a moving coordinator

Check him out


#Merel 't Hart



Merel ‘t Hart was born in France and raised by Dutch parents. She took an interest in the arts quite early in life; spending hours drawing and painting as a child. As a young teenager, she and her family moved back to the Netherlands. But a few years later, at the age of 17, Merel decided to move back to France, to study at Nanterre University in Paris, where she graduated with a master in political science and a master in English. Before taking a more serious interest in photography she worked in the publishing world

Always great to work with Merel





# ...



Keep on checking , update will follow soon....

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