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Hannelore Knuts

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Hannelore Knuts is a woman who wears many creative hats – international model, exhibition curator, editor-at-large, artist, and fashion stylist.

She may call the beginning of her career “an accident”, but it seems she was destined for the fashion world.

Her passion and creative expression catapulted her from a photography student at the acclaimed RCA in Antwerp to runway model for Veronique Branquinho in Paris, a feature role in a documentary, and then to Steven Meisel’s lens in Milan – all within a few months!

After establishing a successful career as an international model, Hannelore is now also recognized as an in-demand fashion stylist working on runway shows (Wunderkind Milano), fashion films (Hermes) and print campaigns (10 Magazine, Hermes). She also is a Certified Mindfulness & Compassion Meditation Teacher

Do check out her talk about  " Growing up in fashion "

Talk: Growing up in fashion

Photographing herself for PALLAS

Collab with DELVAUX.jpg

Hannelore collab with DELVAUX

Styling: Hannelore knuts
Photography : Michael Borremans 

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