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Tom Eerebout

Dressed by Antwerp Campaign 2021  Idea, production, organising contest students fashion academy Antwerp.

Tom Eerebout is a Belgian stylist who is part of the team responsible for styling Lady Gaga, along with Sandra Amador. In addition to his work with the Haus of Gaga, Tom styles Kylie Minogue and Belgian musician Sylvie Kreusch. His work has been featured on the stage, red carpets, press junkets, and magazine covers, as well as in music videos, fashion editorials, and advertising campaigns. He has also collaborated with Komono to launch a capsule collection of sunglasses. He is known for creating timeless and classic looks.

The Komono collaboration : A first capsule  in September 2021, followed by a second drop in Spring 2022

The collaboration, consisting of two drops, first released mid-September 2021 with model M. Ever since that moment, the pair of sunglasses became a true classic.

For his second venture into eyewear, Eerebout wanted to create something in the same universe, but a little more playful. Inspired by Mid-Century style and his own way of dressing Eerebout created O. A timeless frame that is unique and strong, yet easy to wear with an everyday look. O stands out because of its squared shape and will be available in Cider, Raven and Cavée, colour choices that remind you of warm summer days, golden hours and clear waters. All colour ways are made from sustainable and responsible materials.  

M Collection


O Collection

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