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We are based at the Belgian coast, 40 minutes drive from Brussels. A lot of our shoots are done here. It is no French riviera or Cancun-blue seas, but it has a beauty and character that is in its way unique. A beauty we learned to love more and more over the years. For studio shoots we go to Antwerp or Brussels. No studios yet at the coast .


When we started our collaboration, we improvised at lot. Our first shoots together had almost no preparation at all.

I guess we tried to find a balance between two minds who just met. We noticed we had the same affinity and taste. This choosing has grown and changed over the years. We try different techniques every time. Sometimes we do it together, choosing and deleting images, but then we noticed that doing it separately and then comparing , also works. It all depends on our state of mind. Now, a few years later , we spend much more time on moodboards and preparation. The story you tell is more elaborated and has more depth. Working with bigger teams demand more structure and collaboration. It’s a valuable lesson we learned.

We still leave a lot of space for the models to express themselves and improvise, while retaining the structure.


Eva : I studied photography at Narafi, Brussels. After graduating I started doing reportage and set-photography . Working with actors and cinema light for a few years was incredibly valuable for my development as a photographer. Meanwhile I keep busy by looking for subjects and doing reportages. Fishermen, circus-life , interesting families ...


Lalo, on the other hand is a self made photographer, discovered his passion on a young age , but never thought it could lead to work! Through hard work , determination and persistency, he managed to open doors and find a place where he feels at home professionally. Anyway,  5 years ago we met in a studio, and feeling the same passion and love for image and fashion, we decided to team up. All the rest is history :-)


Love Eva & Lalo

lalo eva.jpeg

Unpublished Portraits for Pull Letter Magazine 


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